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About Me

I'm Sarah Mason, writer, marketer, educator, daughter, sister, and dog mom. I value words used to build and despise words used to destroy others and invoke fear.


Taught that "learning is living," I dream of a better world and believe in the potential of each individual. To the best of my abilities and with some stumbling, I live by the values of compassion, curiosity, transparency, perseverance, and authenticity.

I created Tackling the Mountain in 2017 to share how and why I keep climbing and wrestling with challenges in life, not knowing my greatest struggle was still ahead of me. The writing in those early days are echoes of a former girl.


On April 7, 2018, the landscape of my life was forever marred when my sister, the true adventurer, was taken from this earth. Katie was 28, vivacious, ridiculous, exhausting, and incredible, and she was suddenly gone in a terrible accident.


It is through writing and tackling this new mountain- my Everest and one that can never be put behind me-, that healing began and I discovered a new purpose and self-understanding.

I hope, in this space where I discuss challenges faced in life, that I meet you where you are and encourage and empower you to rise over mountains so you can bask in the full sunlight of the summit.

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