We fall. We heal.          We rise.

Searching for encouragement in the face of life's challenges? Welcome. Here, we strive to claim joy and purpose. Sign up for authentic messages of perseverance.


Welcome, traveller.

We are journeying through life, and the path is not flat. Mountains will impede our way. We cannot choose the landscape, merely our footsteps. 

Some mountains are temporary, like the loss of a job. Some mountains are eternal, like the loss of a loved one.

We can shiver in the shadows, made bitter by loss. Or we can tackle our metaphorical mountains until we stand on the peak in the full sunlight.

This is a place for those who choose to fight, for those who choose to create a life of beauty and light, even amid suffering and darkness.​

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About Me

I'm Sarah Mason, writer, daughter, sister, and dog mom. I value words used to build and despise words used to destroy. 


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